Thursday, 2 August 2012

Beyond the square: Crochet motifs.... and things I'm making in August

I'm very excited to have a new book of crochet motifs! It's Beyond the square: Crochet motifs. I've already eyeballed this in the flesh in Foyle's on Charing Cross Road, but didn't purchase it at the time. But, the other day I decided the take the plunge and bought it from Amazon. I think the thing that intially put me off was that its an American book and I was worried about translating the American crochet terminology in to UK terms. Then I decided I was just being cowardly and decided to go for it anyway!

I'm glad I did - it just looks so delicious and colourful. I already have some favourite motifs picked out:

I'm not sure what I'll make with any of these patterns. I'm kicking around the idea for some form of crochet garland, or one that combines crochet and felt shapes maybe. I haven't really found the right kind of motif for what I have in mind though. I'll let you know if my idea develops!


You may have noticed in the first photo of the cover of the book, a little secret I have been keeping in the background. I've started a new throw already! This one is a ripple throw and has turned out to be quite an ambitious project as I unwittingly made an initial chain long enough to be a double bed size throw. It'll be the biggest project I've ever attempted in either knitting or crochet.

So far I am loving every moment of making it! The ripple stitch pattern and the gorgeous colours just make every stitch a complete pleasure. It's only been a few days so its not very big yet, but here's a little look:

I hope you'll agree its going to be a beauty!

More on the colours and yarn I've used when its finished, and I can show you the complete project.


  1. Thank you so much! I will try and post details of shades used when this is finished.


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