Monday, 30 July 2012

Goodbye July

Sometimes I really do overdo things a little with knitting and crochet! After finishing the throw last night, I for some reason decided that I had time to start a small new project of another Kindle case. To be honest it was mainly an excuse to try out a stitch pattern that I found in one of my books.

Anyway, I started it last night and made the fabric before bed time so that all I had left to do after work this evening was finish it off and stitch on a fastening. Not much for one evning you would think, but after yesterday's hook fest, the bones of my hands are actually still aching!

But here it is anyway. What do you think? I love this new stitch - already I can see cushion covers, bags and maybe even another throw using this stitch.

It took me a while to work out how to stitch it together. In the end I decided that the neatest way would be to go all around the edge in double crochet in red, and then do another row of dc along the red edging to join up the sides.

So after my crafting-binge of yesterday, I am taking it easy tonight - retiring early to bed, lighting candles and snuggling down under the duvet to watch some escapist drama!

See you in August!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Camden finds on a sunny Saturday

I thought I would share some lovely things which I found on a trip to Camden market yesterday. Also the rainbow throw is complete, and I have another little make to share - its been a busy weekend!

My boyfriend and I spent a  lovely couple of hours wandering around London's Camden market, and I was a little naughty, and had a bit of a splurge! You see some lovely things there, things that you don't really find in many high street shops, so I just couldn't resist!

The first purchase was a pretty oilcloth satchel, which I bought from a stall near the lock.

The lining is pretty too!

I also found a purse in a pretty oilcloth fabric:


My little make this weekend (in between the biggie of the throw!) was a small challenge to try and improve my crochet skills! On Saturday night I got it into my head that I wanted to try and make an octopus, practicing working in the round and decreasing. And I actually managed to produce something that does look recognisably like an octopus!

I have to admit I'm pretty proud of him. I might try and make some little sea creature friends to join him. I do have a bit of a fascination with the sea and sea creatures. When I was little I used to have a big photo book of sea life, and spent hours flicking through, looking at pictures of coral and other creatures of the depths.


Finally for today, here's the completed throw!

This one is destined for the sofa, but it could fit a single bed too. One day soon I will pluck up the courage to make something double bed sized! And hopefully one day I will get a chance to take pictures in some decent light!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Adriafil yarn

I'm a bit excited as I have discovered a new brand of yarn, Adriafil Regina. I was looking for a wool yarn in a really nice bright, sunshire yellow, but I struggled to find anything in the shops - Rowan don't seem to have this shade in any of their ranges really, and the best I could find in other brands was a fairly pale yellow Wendy Merino.

Then, I looked online and found this:

Not only is it a lovely yellow, like sunshine, buttercups and daffodils, its 100% merino wool, and it also about £1 cheaper than brands I would normally expect. The quality feels very fine - I have yet to make anything with it, but based on looks and touch alone, I recommend it. I've ordered a whole batch in various colours, and hopefully they will arrive today!

Monday, 23 July 2012

She's a Rainbow

I've always liked that Rolling Stones' song, Shes a Rainbow.

Well my new throw is definately coming along as a rainbow! I thought I would share some of the progress pictures with you.

It was a gloriously hot and sunny day here in the South East today. The flowers in the garden were enjoying the weather too:

 Lets hope the weather lasts! More on the rainbow throw soon - its a surprisingly quick make - maybe because there is something so addictive about changing the colours in the granny square.

After this I think I will try some smaller crochet projects though - I'd like to try and improve a little on some other techniques. Even simple things like working turning chains at ends of rows still fox me now - I always seem to end in a bit of a mess. Still with all the lovely colours I'm going to have left over from the throw, I'll definately be inspired to make something!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Rainbow squares

The first batch of rainbow granny sqaures is complete.

I think I'll stitch groups of 4 together and go around the edge for a couple of rounds to make a series of larger sqaures and then put those larger squares together to make the final throw.

I also made a little brooch, using a button which I got from the V&A gift shop and have had for years. It was too pretty to just go on a cardigan or something, so it was always destined for something like this!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Spicy granny!

Finished a orange, red and yellow afghan, which is destined for my boyfriend's sofa! The first fruits of my study free summer holiday!

According to my mother, just looking at this throw makes you feel cheerful, so that must be good!

Actually now I'm looking at the picture online, it is a little hurt-your-eyes. Trust me, in the flesh it is nice.

I love the fact that you can make something substantial from just odds and ends of yarn with crochet. This was made from various colours of different balls of yarn (all DK weight) which I've had hanging around for a while. I don't know how many balls I had altogether as some were half used, but it can't have been more than about 15. This throw isn't massive, but considering its made from scraps I think its not too bad!

Lets hope the boyfriend likes it - I'll let you know next week!

So, with the success of this, and having been inspired by the beautiful rainbow wares to be seen on Attic24's blog, which I've just discovered this week, I've started a rainbow coloured granny square afghan!

Here's a pre photo - after pics soon!

Hmm, I really must try and find a book of crochet motifs at the weekend - so I can make something other than basic granny squares!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Feet up, time for a cup of tea (and some crafting!)

The 4pm deadline has passed and I now feel it pretty safe to say that I am done and dusted study wise, at least until September. Which means I have 6 glorious weeks in which to do whatever I like. Oh, apart from going to work that is! Actually I am one of those annoying people who likes their job, so I'm quite happy to go to work!

So, now I can mentally put my feet up (apart from work obviously - I promise to still use my brain when I'm there - at least I'll try to!) and have a cup of tea! And, just in time, my latest eBay Tea Cup purchase came in the post yesterday!

I have to say I think this is absolutely the most gorgeous tea cup I have ever seen!

Also I have been making some little rose scented hearts. I try and make heart shaped scenters periodically - somehow I feel I have never got the shape right, as I'm still practising my machine sewing skills (I'm not very good at sewing the sort of gentle curves required - straight lines and corners I can manage).

However, I think I'm getting there with these. Perhaps I'll perfect it in time to make some Christmas presents.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer top and bag

I have assignment deadlines looming and I've been staring at my computer screen for so long today that my eyes feel so strained I can't even look at it without my glasses on! A week tomorrow is my deadline for my two last course assignments for this academic year. Part of me wishes next Tuesday would hurry up and get here so I can hand them in and be done with it, part of me wishes I had more time in case I spot a glaring ommission or error somewhere that I need to correct! I'm the sort of neurotic student who can't leave assignments alone, even if really they could be called finished. If I have time left before the deadline I feel obliged to go over and over things, fiddling with them, picking holes, looking for things to improve and generally driving myself (and probably everyone around me) crazy!

Despite the craziness, I've still found a little time over the last few weeks to relax with some making.

I've finished the raglan T-shirt Spice, from Indigo which I've been working on. Its quite nice, but definately a very relaxed stye - probably not suitable for work except on Fridays.

I've also made another little crochet bag, this time a little zip-up striped purse. I embellished it with some buttons and a suffolk puff (a.k.a a yo-yo).

Really I can't wait to hand those assignments in so that I can enjoy more guilt free crafting!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tilda bag

I have the book Tilda Studio as my bedside reading at the moment. I've had a go at making the beauty bag pattern from the book. I've recently discovered the zipper foot attachment to my sewing machine, and that made the process a whole lot easier!. Its amazing how much difference having the right tool for the job makes.

The bag came out pretty well for a first attempt, and only took a couple of hours. The padding made it a little difficult to sew the trims on the side at the end. I had to do that part by hand.