Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fuschia and pale blue

I'm on to my second crochet cushion cover of the week now, and I've discovered a new colour combination that I really like - fuschia, pale pink and pale blue.

I've loved making these motifs so much (love the sunburst effect) that I've made more than enough sqaures for a whole side in only a couple of days.

From doing this, I've decided I really love the pinks and baby blue sort of colour together.

No time for more today I'm afraid. I'm off with my partner to go and see his family in Bristol for the weekend. I'm taking this project with me - small sqaures are perfect for crocheting on the go!

I've taken this whole week off work, but somehow it hasn't felt much like a holiday so far. I seem to have spent a lot of it running errands and doing washing that I don't get time to do when I'm working. Sometimes life feels a but like a Merry-go-round that I just can't get off. Work, studying, trying to keep the Man happy (I'll refer to him as S) - I feel like I never get time to myself. Its probably all compounded by the fact that my life revolves around London, even though I don't live there. I shudder to think what percentage of my time is spent on the train travelling to and fro! From now on I must start converting that wasted time into crochet time. Much easier than knitting on the train - whenever I tried that I would end up poking the unfortunate person next to me with the end of the needle! My fellow communters are really remarkably patient - no one ever complained!

Well, back next week - have a lovely weekend wherever you are!


  1. Can I PLEASE get the pattern to this project?! I LOVE it! If you would share it, I would be so happy! I've looked for something similar for about two years now. Thanks!

  2. Hi there- I will try and put something up in the next few days-I've been meaning to do it anyway!


  3. where is the pattern?


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