Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day out in Piccadilly and Regent's Park

The weather around London was glorious and sunny yesterday, so boyfriend and I headed out for a wander around Piccadilly (with a stop at Waterstones so I could look at the craft sections - love the Piccadilly Waterstones for that!).

We visited a little crafts market which is usually to be found just off Piccadilly on a Saturday, in front of St James' church.

The stalls here sell some really pretty things. This stall was full of plates and dishes in bright colours - they look as if they may have been handpainted.

I loved these Russian dolls, sold at anonther stall.

My favourites are the traditional ones - so pretty! I may have to get some sometime, to match my crocheted versions!

 Couldn't resist taking a snap of the Olympic bunting against the sky - love the colours together.

After Piccadilly, we jumped on a bus and headed over the Regent's Park for a picnic away from the hurley-burley. I love London's parks - you can espace into these little green oases and almost forget your in a city at all.

Just laying there listening to the wind through the leaves felt so peacefull.

Thought the flower beds planted in Union Jack patterns were quirky and cute!

Also just loved the profusion of flowers there - so many colours and types!

Wherever you are, hope you're having a happy and peacefull weekend too. X

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