Monday, 30 July 2012

Goodbye July

Sometimes I really do overdo things a little with knitting and crochet! After finishing the throw last night, I for some reason decided that I had time to start a small new project of another Kindle case. To be honest it was mainly an excuse to try out a stitch pattern that I found in one of my books.

Anyway, I started it last night and made the fabric before bed time so that all I had left to do after work this evening was finish it off and stitch on a fastening. Not much for one evning you would think, but after yesterday's hook fest, the bones of my hands are actually still aching!

But here it is anyway. What do you think? I love this new stitch - already I can see cushion covers, bags and maybe even another throw using this stitch.

It took me a while to work out how to stitch it together. In the end I decided that the neatest way would be to go all around the edge in double crochet in red, and then do another row of dc along the red edging to join up the sides.

So after my crafting-binge of yesterday, I am taking it easy tonight - retiring early to bed, lighting candles and snuggling down under the duvet to watch some escapist drama!

See you in August!

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