Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Crochet flower hanger

Do you remember last week I mentioned that I was thinking of making a crochet flower garland? Well the garland sort of morphed into a hanging flower decoration. After a lot of playing around to try and create the kind of flower shape that I had in mind, I finally came up with something I was satisfied with!

The flower shape was actually inspired by a notebook I have:

I wanted a nice fat looking flower, with cute little stubby petals. I also wanted it to be a solid flower shape, so that I could make 2 motifs for each flower, stitch them together and stuff them to make the decorations. So that meant I had to come up with a flower design where the petals grew straight out of the centre, rather than being worked into a chain space, like you often see with flower motifs.

I'll try and explain with the aid of pictures how I did it:

To make the decoration you need:

Yarn: scraps of DK weight yarn in various colours - 2 colours for each motif. I used Rowan Pure Wool DK, but anything would do.
Hook: 3.5mm
Needle to sew sides together
Stuffing or wadding

Motif pattern (make 2 in the same colours for each hanging flower).

In colour A Work 4 chain, join into a ring using a slip stitch

Round 1: 3 chain, work 11 trebles into ring, finish by slip stitching into top of 3 chain from start of round (12 stitches)

Round 2: 3 chain, work 2 trebles into each treble from last round, finish by working treble into same stitch as 3 chain. Slip stitch into top of 3 chain from start of round 2. 24 stitches

Round 3: 3 chain, work 1 treble into next stitch, then *2 trebles into following stitch, then 1 treble into next stitch. Repeat from * to end of round, joining with slip stitch to 3 chain at start of round. 36 stitches.

Round 4: Work slip stitch into first stitch, then 1/2 treble into next stitch, then 2 trebles into next stitch, then 2 trebles into next stithc, then 1/2 treble into next stitch then 1 slip stitch into next stitch. This makes one petal. Repeat until end of round - 6 petals.

Round 5: Change to colour B. Work into top of petals from last round, work 1 slip stitch into first stitch, 1dc into next stitch, 1 1/2 treble and 1 treble into next stitch, 2 trebles into next stitch, 2 trebles into next stitch, 1 treble and 1 1/2 treble into next stitch, 1 dc into next stitch and 1 slip stitch into next stitch. This forms edging for one petal. Repeat until end of round so that all 6 petals have edging. Complete by slip stitching into first stitch of round and fasten off.

I made 8 of these motifs (4 pairs) in different colours for my hanging decoration:

Now all that's left is to fasten off the loose ends, stitch motifs together by oversewing the edges (leave a gap to stuff the motifs before you finish sewing up.

Phew! I hope all that made sense, I am not a great pattern writer!

 Actually you could make these out of cotton yarn and they could be cute coasters.

 Well, I had better show the finished product!

Even though the sun is out here this evening, the light isn't great - this is the only good shot which I managed to get of the finished decoration!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE this pattern!!!

    So quick to make!!!

    I'm going to embellish it and put it on a hat!!!

  2. Hello dear ... i just love your work, its so neat and beautiful. can you please suggest a beginner's guide for me, for i know nothing about crochet but wanna learn.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      The book I learnt from is called essential crochet by erika knight. It has explanations for all the main stitches you need to get started. You could also look on you tube- there are lots of crochet tutorials there.



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