Monday, 21 July 2014

Post holiday blues...

Oh dear. I seem to be suffering from attack of the post holiday blues! Do you ever suffer from this? I've actually set one of the pictures of the beach that I took last week as the screen saver on my mobile. I think that's probably just making it worse though - being reminded every time I look at my phone that I wish I was back there!

I don't even feel much like crafting at the it must be bad. I tried yesterday to console myself with a little crochet, but I couldn't get into it.

My other escape activity is usually reading. This seems to be working better than crochet at the moment.

 What do you do to shake off the blues? I'm wondering what the remedy could be for me. Start planning the next holiday perhaps? This was my suggestion to S today - I know he's suffering with post holiday blues too.

Real life never matches up to a holiday though, does it? After all, if real life were like a holiday, then holidays wouldn't be holidays, and that magic would be lost.

Listen to me, complaining because my holiday is over. I always try to count my blessings when I'm feeling down, so I keep reminding myself that I'm lucky to have the life I've come back to, and I was lucky to be able to take a holiday at all. Not everyone can, and to some it must be an unimaginable luxury.

Still....the silvery light on the beach echoes in my memory, calling to me...I'm sure it must be in my dreams. It seems like a dream now, to be standing on the sand listening to the waves beating and feeling so peaceful.

The sea seems to have that effect on makes me pause in the moment. Suddenly the whole world seems to shrink and retract or fall away. Maybe time stops or perhaps the minute just stretches out...whatever the reason it somehow seems to make everything else unimportant. There's no stress or worry, just calm and serenity.

 Oh well...for now I will have to be content with my souvenirs, photos and memories...


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Friday, 18 July 2014


Hello everyone! I haven't been around much the last couple of weeks because I have been on holiday! S and I have just come back from a lovely few days in Cornwall. No time (or energy) for a big catch up today, but I thought I would share a couple of holiday snaps with you.

These gorgeous flowers were everywhere - does anyone know what they are? I know nothing about plants or gardening!

It was lovely to be by the side - even with grey skies, I find the sea beautiful. The grey just looks like silver to me!

We did also get some fantastic weather and amazing views though!

More soon!


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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I have too many projects on the go again. I think I've gotten a little carried away with my stash busting project!

Two of them are knitting. The one above is something I am attempting to make using some of the yarn I won in the Mrs Moon prize draw in December. It's Louisa Harding Mila yarn, and as soon as I opened the parcel and saw it, I though "summer sweater". However, I haven't been able to find a pattern anything like what I had in mind. So, I've decided to take the plunge and try making something for myself from scratch! It will only be something simple, with no waist shaping and dolman style sleeves. I really hope it works out!

The other project is a shawl, which is from a pattern found on Ravelry. It's stripey, and I'm knitting it with some luxury yarn bought from Loop last month! I do love to knit something stripey.

I've been doing a lot of de-cluttering and organising of my storage space (which has made me face up to the amount of yarn I have - eep). I've also been inspired to put more of my crochet work on display around the flat, including my hexagon throw, which is now back on my sofa after having been in a cupboard for a few months. I love seeing the neat shapes tesselating together!

Right, must get back to knitting now. S and I have booked a lovely holiday to Cornwall coming up in less then 2 weeks now, and I am hoping to have my sweater finished by then, so I can fulfil the vision I had of myself strolling down the beach wearing it!


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