Sunday, 1 June 2014

Simple joys

Hi everyone, I am back in blog-land after having a month off from posting. It started off as an unintentional month off, and then became deliberate. May has been a nice month - lots of Bank Holidays and long weekends have meant I have been spending a lot more time with S. That cut into my time to blog, but after a while I thought, "Well, why worry about it?". For once I decided to resist my natural urge to try and squeeze as much as I can into not much time, and I think it was the right decision. I do feel re-freshed!

So, I've been enjoying simple pleasures in May:

A new pair of shoes - a simple joy, but sadly not a cheap one! S and I both bought a pair of brogues in May, and so now we walk around like twins with matching shoes! I really love the chestnut brown colour of my pair.

We've been on lots of walks. One of my favourite things was finding this little house with a bright yellow door! One day I would love to have a little period cottage with a brightly coloured door like this one.

Craft wise, I'm on a stash-busting mission once again. I've been making this cushion cover for my living room from the coloured scraps left over from a throw I have been finishing off. I think I've spent a lot of time in the last six months working on more complicated knitting and crochet projects. I've really enjoyed working on this little cushion this weekend. It's reminded me how nice it can be to work on something as simple and easy as a granny square cushion.

That's all for now, happy Sunday everyone!


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