Monday, 9 June 2014

Being creative

I'm really enjoying working a little bit of creativity into my day again. I've always got a crafting project on the go, but craft seems to fulfil different needs at different times in my life. Sometimes, it's more of a relaxation thing, which I do to de-stress and take my mind off things, rather than as an end in itself. Other times, it gives a feeling or achievement, of actually being able to make something tangible with my own two hands. I find the most satisfying times to be the times when it gives me an opportunity to be really creative - whether it's by picking colour choices for a project that are all my own, or by coming up with a new crochet design. At the moment I'm enjoying making this stripey cushion from scraps. I wouldn't really say it's a pattern I've come up with as it's so simple, but I didn't follow anyone else's pattern when I started it - just my own tension square to calculate the number of stitches and my own judgement that I needed two row stripes to create the kind of look I wanted.

In May, crafting was more of a de-stress activity than anything else, but I'm happy to say that since the start of June it has become more of about creating something new again, which is nice as I haven't really had that for a while. I find it less challenging, and in a way, less stressful to follow someone else's pattern rather than come up with my own, but when you can design your own patterns, it's really special. I have also been working on some more of my own designs, writing out patterns and making swatches, but more of that another time.

I've also been enjoying the way my orange roses have blossomed and bloomed over the weekend, opening out to show a pale yellow in the centre.

Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Creativity is a debatable subject - or should I say the reasons for our creativity - and you certainly seem to have it sussed Jen; I'm glad you're enjoying it without stress in the background right now and I'm enjoying your lovely stripes and your gorgeous rose, thank you! And thank you also for your visits to my place - always lovely to see you! xoJoy

  2. I just stumbled across your blog. I'm a full-time worker myself, so I always find it interesting how people manage to find enough time for their crafting - i surely never get as much done as I would like too...but I will take my time to have a closer look at your blog (I just looked at some pictures as I'm in a hurry right now). I immediately fell in love with your vintage flower cushion. Would look lovely on my couch, I already put it on my to do list! Greetings from Austria, Emm.A :)

    1. Hello and welcome!
      A lot of people say exactly what you have just said about finding time to craft and work full time. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I never find it that hard to fit in hobbies. Having said that I don't have children to look after- I imagine working and having a family must keep people that do very busy. Then again working full time and doing PhD part time keeps me pretty busy. I guess I just do the best I can to fit in some time to do what I love every day even if its only for 1 hour every evening!

      Hope you'll visit again!


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