Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A journey of happiness

....I seem to be on a photographic and crochet journey of happiness this week!

 Having lots of fun taking snaps and getting the hang of my new camera. I am totally addicted!

You may have to put up with more frequent posts from me for a while, until the immediate excitement of the new camera wears off!

I suddenly have waaay more photos than I could decently post here. If you are interested in seeing the surplus, I have been uploading some of them to my Flickr account.

Tomorrow night I am off to stay at S's for a few days, as it's his birthday. Which reminds me, I still haven't wrapped his presents - must go and do that now!

See you next week!

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  1. Your photos are looking great Jen; bright and clear - exciting - keep having fun! Joyx

  2. really nice pictures. what camera do you have?

    1. Its a digital single lens reflex, a Samsung gx10. Actually I don't think Samsung make that particular camera anymore- mine was second hand. It has a pentax lens, and is basically the same as a pentax.


    2. I really need to get a good camera myself. I take all my photos for my blog with my iphone. Really handy, when you're not at home and want to quickly capture a moment but let's be honest - no one admires those phone pictures...

    3. Yes, I'd been taking all my photos with my smartphone too. Its fine as long as you have a decent amount of daylight, but I think for anything in doors you need a proper camera. Photos just look so much sharper and more real with the slr- I will not be going back to my phone other than for the occassional spur of the moment snap. Hope you find yourself a good camera.

  3. Beautiful photos! I need a good camera too !
    Now I see your flicker account


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