Sunday, 15 June 2014

Learning something new

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

I've been very lucky this weekend to have been given a new digital camera! Since starting blogging, I've become more and more interested in photography, and less and less happy with the quality of my own photos. For a while now I've been wanting to get a more professional camera so that I can learn how to take better photographs. I've just been using the camera on my phone for the past couple of years, but the more I compared my own photos to other people's the more I could see my existing camera wasn't delivering the kind of results I wanted, especially in low light. 

So, lucky me, I have been given a second hand, but in good condition camera, and I've been practicing  with it today, learning how all the manual focus and exposure settings work and trying to take good (not dark, blurry or over-exposed!) photos! I'm happy with the small degree of success I've had so far. These pictures were all taken today.

My first crafting picture with my new camera is of the components of a crochet flower garland that I have been working on this weekend. This has been a really, really fun project to work on!

I've chosen a selection of bright, very well saturated colours for this project, which I think match the colour scheme in my living room, where I hope the garland will go.

Hope you all have a great week!


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  1. How exciting Jen, and may I say 'SNAP', for you and I are doing the same thing - learning the workings of a new camera and having fun whilst doing it. Your pics are looking great, and those flowers have such depth of colour, but then I always thought your pics were lovely anyway. All the very best with it all! Your crochet flowers are gorgeous and their colours too are quite brilliant, enjoy your makings time and have a lovely week!
    Joy x

  2. Hi Jen, so exciting to have a lovely camera to use ... and you are so right! My early blog photos were ok, and as I posted more and more, I saw my photos needed improving, and so I became more interested in the inner workings of my camera .. and now I love experimenting, it's such an interesting learning curve. Your pics look great btw xxx

  3. Lovely photos, I hope you enjoy using your new camera. It's fun experimenting with photos for your blog isn't it? I really like the crocheted flowers you have made, gorgeous colours.
    Marianne x


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