Sunday, 3 March 2013


February seems to have flown by, much faster than January. I've done a lot of crochet! So much that by the end of February my hand was really aching - it was lucky that I had a few enforced days off from crochet at the end of Feb/start of March.

I seem to have achieved quite a lot, project-wise. A whole throw, most of which was completed in February. This was the Something Pretty throw. Also a stripy wave cushion from a pattern by Nikki Trench. I've felt really pleased with being able to complete both these projects, especially the Something Pretty blanket, as I initially found the pattern hard to understand, and really had to persevere with it! It's a good feeling to practice and skill and find you really are improving in it.

I've also since started a new project, my Cathedral Blanket, more on that soon.

There have been some lovely days weather wise, and some less lovely days. Today, its the 3rd of March already, and the sun is shining after a couple of weeks of cold and grey. It's a very welcome site!

With spring now hopefully just around the corner I have spent quite a lot of this weekend spring cleaning, getting rid of clutter and re-furbishing cushions and things. I'll show you the results of this sometime soon too!



  1. Hello Jen,

    Your crochet blanket and pillow are absolutely gorgeous. Love them and the colors.

    Your Spring flowers are also very lovely. My crocus are just starting to poke their heads up No blooms yet. Every year I plan to plant some snowdrops and always forget. Must do that this year. They are so very pretty. Are you Spring trees already blooming. Lovely indeed.

    I bought 22 balls of "Plymouth Yarn called "Encore" Worsted Weight" for My "Something Pretty" blanket. As a beginner I hope I have not a pattern to challenging for me. VBG

    Enjoy your lovely sunny weekend. It is also very Sunny here too. Hugs Judy

  2. Sometimes it does us good to be forced to sit back and evaluate what we've done - saying that it's also incredibly frustrating! Your crochet is looking beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the cathedral blanket take shape x Jane


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