Thursday, 28 March 2013

Scarf love

I am in love with my new crochet scarf, made in only a few evenings work this week.

I finished it last night. The pattern is a peephole chevron stitch from a stitch directory. This was a spur of the moment make really. Lately I have seen some lovely crochet shawls and scarves on Pinterest, and felt inspired to have a go at one myself. Not feeling quite brave enough to attempt some of the more complicated designs I have seen I decided to try something simple, but pretty instead. Then I remembered that I had about 4 balls of grey pure wool 4 ply lurking in my stash. I ran upstairs, dug out the yarn, found a suitable hook (I decided to use a 4mm hook as I wanted the stitches to be quite open, and the scarf to be drapey and soft) and was soon happily ensconced on the sofa, hooking away.

How do you like it? I think maybe it needs a little edging on the sides just to finish it off, perhaps in a contrasting colour, as I have used up all the grey I had.

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My orchid has developed 4 new buds over the last month or so, and one of them opened this week.

I'm impressed that this plant seems to be surviving so well - it was a birthday present at the end of November, and according to the tag was only supposed to last 2 months. I've now had it for 4 months to the day almost, and haven't done anything but giving the occassional watering. It seems happy enough!

I'm heading off to spend Easter weekend with S later today, so I'll see you all in April. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you do!

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  1. What a lovely scarf you have created. Love the orchid.. You must be given it allot of tender loving care to be so lovely for so long. Have a very Lovely Happy Easter Holiday. Hugs Judy

  2. That scarf is lovely - and the drape makes it look really comfortable to wear. Well done on the orchid although my eye was drawn to those roses in the vase next door - beautiful colours x Jane

  3. your scarf and blanket are so pretty.


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