Sunday, 6 January 2013

Some colour and hope amongst all the grey

January is a difficult month, there is no two ways about it. This weekend has been a little difficulty for me, for various reasons. However, I'm trying to stay positive and take comfort in small, simple pleasures.

 I spotted this lovely cherry blossom blooming away in one of London's squares last week as I was on my way to work, and I realised that I was right in my last post - its not to early to be thinking about Spring!
 I love the way the little flowers in this picture (above) are almost glowing white against the backdrop of last year's dead leaves, still clinging to the hedge.

 I'm sure these blossoms looked slightly pinker when I passed them by again the day after taking these photos.

Of course crochet is a constant comfort to me! Its like a companion that you can always rely on to be there with you through good and bad times. I know some people may laugh at that, I sounds pretty earnest, but there are so many articles around on the therapeutic values of knitting and crochet these days that there must be something in it! It certainly works for me anyway.

Till next time, stay warm and happy whatever you're doing.

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