Thursday, 31 January 2013

January... done. In theory I like January. Or at least I like the idea of it - fresh starts, new opportunities and that clear, still feeling that comes with the calm the succeeds the excitement of Christmas.

In practice, its really a month that just has to be 'got through' rather than enjoyed!

January has had its moments though! All the snow - very pretty at first. Some spectacular skies. Saturday afternoons spent with legs outstreched before a fire in the pub. And for me, the best thing of all was the sight of a badger roaming our garden one snowy Sunday night a couple of weeks ago - sadly I wasn't quick enough to get a picture!

I have done quite a lot of crochet - finished some projects, started others. I think I have kind of stuck to my new years resolution not to have too many things on the go at once - currently I only have 3 projects in the queue - 1 chevron cushion cover and 2 blankets, one of which I am not sure will ever grow to be a full size blanket. Its fate is currently hanging in the balance.

I was happy to finish the colour journey I started with my Colour Therapy throw, seen in the images above, though I have yet to find a suitable home for this throw, or work up the courage to try and sell it. Since getting the brights out of my system with this throw, and using up some of my stash, I have, as planned, been able to progress to more pastel toned, spring like shades.

Despite the cold, there have been flowers, inside and out - some real, but most different varieties of artificial - crocheted, fabric, and quartz! Nevertheless, I love them all - I have a feeling flowers will be a theme for me in 2013.

Generally its been a good month - I've made some plans for the year, and so far, have stuck to them. Hopefully things will develop as planned as the year continues, but I'll say no more for the moment.

I hope you all had a happy January too - look forward to more crafty fun in February!


  1. So inspiring! Love your photos. I am new to your blog and crochet. I made my first hexagon granny square using your tutorial. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the pictures, and flattered to think you find it inspiring.

    Thanks for visiting!



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