Sunday, 13 January 2013

Colour therapy throw finished!

This week I completed my first project of 2013! Well I started it in 2012, (do you remember? I began this as part of a colour detox!) but its the first thing to be completed this year. I think finishing something in the second week of January is not bad going!

Unfortunately I don't have a lovely picture of the blanket all spread out and complete to show you. I just haven't been around to take a photo in the few hours of decent daylight that we have each day since finishing this. In all the pictures I've taken of the finished object, I've had to use artificial lighting and the colours look so distorted - I'd rather wait to show it as it actually looks. Hopefully I'll be able to take a decent picture during the week.

However, I do have some half decent pictures which show the colours pretty much as they actually appear in reality. These are pictures of the blanket in its final stages while nearing completion:

Here are some of its vital statistics:

Hook size: 4mm

Blanket size: Fits a single bed

Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK in shades:
  • Lavender (2 balls)
  • Fondant (1 ball)
  • Candy floss (2 balls)
  • Magenta (1 ball)
  • Bright green (2 balls)
  • Clematis (1 ball)
  • Sherbert (2 balls)
  • Plum (1 ball)
  • Aspen (1 ball)
  • Turqoise (1 ball)
  • Spring green (2 balls)
  • Wisteria (1 ball)
  • Violet (1 ball)
  • Bluebell (1 ball)
  • Aster (1 ball)
Wow, that was actually a lot more colours than I realised!

The blanket is 2 large granny squares stitched together (each granny square was 20 rounds), with many many more rounds worked around the rectangle formed by the original 2 squares. It ended up slightly differently to how I initially imagined it, but as I had no plan when doing it, I guess that's no surprise!

For the edging I initially worked a row of double crochet around the entire edge of the blanket. I then worked a kind of giant scallop into the double crochet. My basic fan shape was created by working 7 double trebles into 1 double crochet, skipping the next 3 double crochet stitches, working 1 dc into the next double crochet stitch, skipping 3 double crochet stitches and then working 7 double trebles into the next dc etc. Once the scallop edging row was complete I then worked another row of double crochet around the top edge of the scallop stitch, in a lighter purple. I had to work 2 double crochet stitches into the top of the 3 double trebles which sit at the apex of the fan or scallop shape.

I'm sort of thinking about selling this one, as I really did just make it for the pleasure of the task rather than for a specific purpose at home. Feeling a little nervous at the prospect though as I've never sold anything I've made before!

Apart from blanket finishing I've been out and about looking for more early signs of spring - and I did find some, despite the freezing cold! More on than next time though.....

Stay warm!

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