Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Is it too early in the year to..... thinking about Spring?!

Yes, I know it's only 2nd January, but already I am looking forward to spring, thinking about spring colours and flowers - lavender, bluebell, crocus purples and magenta and daffodil yellow!

Hmm, as you can still I am still mostly fixated on purple shades at the moment! Still kicking around ideas for various new projects for 2013, but I have made a new year resolution to try not to end up with so many projects on the go at once. I bet I'm not the only crafter to come up with that one this year.

In keeping with my new resolution (which I'm sure I will miserably fail to keep before long - but at least I'll know I tried!) I am currently trying to finish the Spectrum, or Colour Therapy throw I started at the end of 2012. It's coming along and I am enjoying having these bright colours to brighten up my January evenings after work, even if I am daydreaming of lovely pastel spring shades while I work!

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