Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Starburst hexagons

A few days ago I hinted at an idea I had for a new crochet project (after finishing my ripple throw).

Maybe you remember that I felt inspired by our woodpile of all things (and here it is in all its glory - hmm actually looking forward to cold weather so I can snuggle in front of the fire)!

Well, now I can share a little peek:

Hmm these aren't the best pictures looking at them. I've just upgraded to a whizzy new phone and I've taken to snapping making pics using that - obviously I haven't quite got the hang of holiding it steady while I snap!

Anyway, these hexagons are just a modification of the starburst square - just worked the last round into 6 sides instead of 4.

Not sure how big this throw will get as I am not planning on buying a lot of new yarn for it (ah who am I kidding, its bound to happen!). I'll see how I go.


  1. Oh, these colors... just glorious! Lovely work. Thanks for showing this!

  2. What a enjoyable way to play with colors. I can't stop making hexies.


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