Friday, 21 September 2012

Crochet out of control

The other day I had a little look around at all the various projects which I have started in the last few weeks and stashed in various places, and realised something - its getting out of control!

So, time for a little reality check, which is what this post is all about. I have:

1. Ripple throw

Crochet ripple stitch throw

This uses Rowan Pure Wool DK, and I started it after randomly deciding last weekend that I needed to be working on another Ripple Throw! This one is supposed to be more autumnal colours to go with the changing season here. It uses colours

051 Gold
019 Avocado
026 Hyacinth
007 Cypress
052 Orchid

2. Starburst Hexagon Throw

I also still have my lovely hexagon throw to work on. I've now put the pattern up here and on Ravelry in case anyone else would like to try - I've spotted one person already who has! I hope it works out. Its really putting me to shame as I still have a long way to go on mine! Here is it so far:

crochet starburst hexagon motifs

I'll put up details of the colours used here when its finished - there's too many to count right now!

3. Lace flower afghan

I'm calling this an afghan, but to be honest I'm not sure that it will get that big. The lace flower pattern is something I designed myself this week. It sort of reminds me of the Ariel washing powder logo! Anyway, I'm worried they may be a little too flimsy for a throw, but maybe I can turn it into a bed runner instead. If anyone has suggestions for what this could be, I'd love to hear!

Crochet lace flower motifs

The yarn used is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in colours:

051 Gentian
060 Hot Pink
600 Light Pink
069 Lilac Pink

4. Rainbow hexagon throw

Inspired by a beautiful throw I have seen this week on the MeMe Rose blog, I wanted to make a throw using hexagons in one colour arranged in a rainbow order so they look like they are fading through each other. So far, I have a small pile of hexagons, but I plan for this to be my main project over the weekend, so I may have more snaps of it to share with you next week when it has grown a little!

crochet hexagon motifs

Crochet hexagon motifs

I'm using Stylecraft Special DK for this, which is 100% acrylic. Normally, I have to confess, I am a bit of a yarn snob, and tend to want to stick with natural fibres like wool or cotton. However, with the amount of crochet and throw making I have done lately, the spend was starting to get a little out of control! Also I had seen a couple of projects on other blogs (not least the MeMe Rose project mentioned above, but also a throw on the Sandra's Cherry Heart Blog) using this yarn, and thought the colours looked beautiful! So, I'm giving acrylic a try and so far, I have been really pleasantly surprised! The colours look as lovely in real life as they do in pictures, and the feel of the yarn is soft, but with a nice weight feeling too!

Full details of the colours I'm using for this when its done, but here's a little taster of some of them:

Stylecraft special DK yarn

Wow, so that's the end of the reality check for today! I probably have other small projects stashed away in the cupboard that I have forgotten about too. So, I am officially not allowed to start anything else until I finish at least 2 of these projects. Hmmm, we'll see how long that resolution lasts.....

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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  1. 3. Lace flower afghan
    will make a beautiful table runner


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