Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sew Sunday

Today has been a sewing day. If you look through the past posts on this blog, you'll see I'm not much for sewing - more of a crocheter and knitter.

However, I have been wondering for a while about the pull through method of lining a bag (I think that's what its called anyway!). That's where, in order to get a nice neat zipped bag or pouch, you leave a small gap in the lining fabric at the bottom, and pull the exterior out through that gap. Sounds weird doesn't it? Well I always thought so too, but today I plucked up some courage and gave it a go, and to my suprise, it works brilliantly!

I made a little simple zip up purse - no gusset or sides - I have yet to figure out how to do those well! As you may be able to tell, the zip is a little wonky, but I'm pretty proud of it. This was inspired by a tutorial I found on Pinterest for a box pouch. I wasn't brave enough for the box pouch, but maybe next time! I'm also thinking, crochet purse with fabric lining using this method.

But, the big thing I made today was a fabric tote bag, for carting my bigger crochet and knitting projects around the house. I'm actually pretty proud of this - I actually managed to get the seams on the lining and outer fabric to line up pretty closely, and I'm usuallu rubbish at those kinds of details!

Its sort of reversible if you look at the way the fabrics are arranged - opposing fabrics for the sides and gusset on the lining and out, if you see what I mean.

The fabrics I used for both the tote and the purse were Amy Butler Gypsy Caravan - Almond Velvet Vine and Mocha Hammock Stripe

Well, I'm not sure when I'll be back here - studying is really kicking in now, and its tough going! Data analysis using Excel (sigh - not something I'm good at it turns out!). I'll try and keep up at least one post a week though.

Wherever you are, have a lovely evening and a great week!


  1. Thanks so much for your comment about blogger and the photos. Luckily I'm no where need the limit yet, but the same thought did cross my mind I must admit! Do you use Picasa?

    S x

  2. Hi Sandra,

    No problem! Yes, I was using Picasa - I had some old holiday snaps on there (quite a few albums) and that was what was taking up the space. It had never occurred to me that your storage space on Blogger and Picassa is connected, but I guess it makes sense as both are now owned by Google. It did give me the option to pay for storage, but I want to avoid that as long as possible. I'm thinking of trying to reduce the file size on my images before putting them up, or maybe grabbing them from Flickr instead.

    Hope you get all the images on your blog sorted out!



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