Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ripple throw finished!

Yes, it's done! Ends all woven in, last rows completed, edging even added.

It's kind of a random rainbow ripple. I wanted to try and work in shades for all the colours in the rainbow, and for most colours I had more than one shade, in no particular order.

I also gave it a scallop shell edging.

So, I've pretty much almost lost track of the colours I actually used, but I'll try and list as many as I can below.

I used a mix of Adriafil Regina and Rowan Pure Wool DK (shown above). Unfortunately I can't tell you all the shades of Regina which I used as some of them now seem to be unavailable at the place where I bought them, and I didn't keep a record of the shades. However, I can tell you the shades of Rowan Pure Wool so here goes:

042 Dahlia
026 Hyacinth
052 Orchid
026 Tea Rose
019 Avocado
007 Cypress
006 Pier
036 Kiss
020 Parsley
051 Gold

I used Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic dk in Clementine 020 for the orange. I think that's the best, brightest orange yarn I've found.

I'm so please with this throw, it really has come out gorgeous. The ripple pattern is so easy as well, once you get going. Its simple and yet effective. I'm already thinking of making matching cushion covers in it too!

Phew! After such a big project in a relatively short space of time (I only started this in August, so its taken me about a month) I'm really not sure what to do next. I think I have slight craft vacuum - you know that space you suddenly have in your life when something you've worked on avidly for a while is suddenly done? I'm sure I'll be over it by tomorrow though!

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