Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer top and bag

I have assignment deadlines looming and I've been staring at my computer screen for so long today that my eyes feel so strained I can't even look at it without my glasses on! A week tomorrow is my deadline for my two last course assignments for this academic year. Part of me wishes next Tuesday would hurry up and get here so I can hand them in and be done with it, part of me wishes I had more time in case I spot a glaring ommission or error somewhere that I need to correct! I'm the sort of neurotic student who can't leave assignments alone, even if really they could be called finished. If I have time left before the deadline I feel obliged to go over and over things, fiddling with them, picking holes, looking for things to improve and generally driving myself (and probably everyone around me) crazy!

Despite the craziness, I've still found a little time over the last few weeks to relax with some making.

I've finished the raglan T-shirt Spice, from Indigo which I've been working on. Its quite nice, but definately a very relaxed stye - probably not suitable for work except on Fridays.

I've also made another little crochet bag, this time a little zip-up striped purse. I embellished it with some buttons and a suffolk puff (a.k.a a yo-yo).

Really I can't wait to hand those assignments in so that I can enjoy more guilt free crafting!

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