Friday, 27 July 2012

Adriafil yarn

I'm a bit excited as I have discovered a new brand of yarn, Adriafil Regina. I was looking for a wool yarn in a really nice bright, sunshire yellow, but I struggled to find anything in the shops - Rowan don't seem to have this shade in any of their ranges really, and the best I could find in other brands was a fairly pale yellow Wendy Merino.

Then, I looked online and found this:

Not only is it a lovely yellow, like sunshine, buttercups and daffodils, its 100% merino wool, and it also about £1 cheaper than brands I would normally expect. The quality feels very fine - I have yet to make anything with it, but based on looks and touch alone, I recommend it. I've ordered a whole batch in various colours, and hopefully they will arrive today!

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