Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vintage flower cushion

A while ago I decided to make a cushion using my vintage flower square pattern, and only 1 colour yarn.

I finally got around to finishing it this week. I've decided I really like the effect of making something using only 1 colour of yarn. It gives it a much more vintage, delicate feel in my eyes. 

I've realised after thinking that I have way too many cushions that actually I won't have enough for both the sofa and bedroom in my new flat after I've moved. So I think I'm going to make a few more of these lovelies!


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  1. I love your completed cushion Jen - it is very beautiful and 'classy' and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these! Very professional, well done!
    Joy x

  2. Lovely! The monochrome palette is adorable and very classy indeed. Great job!

  3. that is very elegant and I like the buttons

  4. It does have an antique lace look about nice - very nice:)

  5. Thanks everyone I'm looking forward to making more of these in other pastel colours.


  6. A very elegant look, and I love the monochrome palette. I feel inspired to make a couple for my big couch, thank you!

  7. Hello Jen, Your white crochet pillow is Most Gorgeous.. Love it. Hugs Judy

  8. Hiya Jen, wondering if you would mind sharing the pattern for the one color white cushion please? or telling me which book it is from or where to purchase it from? I adore it and would love to make some! thanks!

    1. Hi there, I can try and share a pattern for this soon - as it happens I have another cushion the same (but in a different colour) on the go. If it helps in the meantime I can tell you that for the white cushion, I made 50 of the vintage flower squares (25 for each side) and stitched them together by over-sewing the squares together. I'll try and do a post where I explain it properly, with photos soon - I have a bit of a back log of patterns to share, so I must do it soon.

      Thanks for being interested, and sorry for the slightly delayed reply to this comment!


  9. I do like the look of your cream cushion, the design of the block would make a lovely bedspread. Which yarn did you use and where would I find the pattern - hope you don't mind me asking.


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