Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn things

Although the weather still seems to be hanging on to summer right now, I've been determinedly autumnal with my crafting!

I'm making another cardigan, using moss green yarn.

Sadly it's been too warm to really start wearing my yellow cardigan yet!

I'm also thinking that I need an autumnal coloured granny blanket in my life. So far I have decided that it will definitely involve a lot of purple, burnt orange and yellow!

I think it also needs the same moss green colour as I'm using for my cardigan. Possibly with some reds and warm browns too. Hmm....perhaps I will see what I can find at the weekend!


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  1. What beautiful colours Jen, quite stunning, and your new cardigan on the go is a delicious shade of green - you'll be prepared for when the weather does cool!
    Joy x

  2. Your blog is really good, I like the things you make.You also take really good photos x

  3. Gorgeous colours ~ all of my favourites!


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