Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mustard seed

Hello fellow bloggers and blog-readers! I'm back after a little bit of a break. I can't believe it's already halfway through September and this is only my second post of the month. There is no particular reason for my absence - I've just been busy. I was away, travelling for work last week which all in all meant a couple of nights away from home, and a late return on the third night. Also business related to my flat purchase has gobbled up some of the chunks of free time which I might normally have used for blogging.

There has also been a third reason for my not blogging. I've been knitting! Not in itself a reason, but I mentioned in my last post that I had started working on knitwear for Autumn. Well, seeing as I was so busy I decided that I would wait until I had completed my first project for the autumn before sharing anything about it with you. 

I've been stitching away on a lovely classic cardigan, with moss stitch edgings. I choose a mustard yellow yarn. I decided back in the summer that I really, really, really wanted a mustard yellow cardigan for autumn/winter. I duly scoured the shops and my favourite online retailers, but could find nothing that matched my mustard vision. "So", thought I, "I'll just have to make one myself". And that's what I did!

I finished it yesterday - it was a pretty quick knit really, and I was very faithful to this project. I haven't been doing any crochet in between, just focusing on getting this done because I so wanted to see if it would fit well, and have it ready to wear.

Yes, here it is below, with me in it. 

I love, love, love the finished result! Can you tell that from all the pictures?!

Also, it turned out I rather wildly over-estimated the amount of yarn that I would need for this project, and so now have 3 balls of gorgeous mustard yellow yarn left over to add to my stash!

Hmmm, I feel a granny blanket coming on! Seriously, I wouldn't normally consider having a large stash of yarn in the cupboard to be a problem, but I am thinking, with my move looming now would be a good time to start de-stashing! Simply because I know my soul will shrivel and die when I have to empty out said cupboard and am forced to confront the vast amount of unused yarn which has built up over the years - oh the shame!

And of course there's still the granny stripe blanket to be getting on with.... and my next cardigan project (already started - this one's green :o) ).... too much crafting and too little time!


Oh, I nearly forgot - if anyone is interested the cardigan pattern I knitted was Alexi by Kim Hargreaves, from the book Winter Blooms. I used Rowan Pure Wool DK in colour 051 Gold, and 2.75 and 3mm needles

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  1. Oh my your cardigan is beautiful! It is perfect and the colour is lovely, just perfect for autumn. You wear it well too.
    M x

  2. Oh that is such a beautiful cardigan Jen - and it fits you so well - very very smart! And the colour is gorgeous too! Well done, enjoy wearing it!
    Joy x

  3. What can I say - absolutely lovely x Jane

  4. It's beautiful, I love the colour, it's perfect for Autumn. Deb x

  5. This is just gorgeous. I so wish I could knit. I think the stitches are so much more prettier than crochet, especially on a cardigan!

  6. oh my gosh, I love the color!! just love it! it looks great!!

  7. What a beautiful cardigan. Enjoy wearing it. Make sure everyone knows you made it!

  8. It's fabulous... very classic "Boden" but much nicer!

    1. Thanks Gina- actually Boden-esque was what I had in mind!


  9. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments on this! Jenx


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