Thursday, 18 July 2013

Too hot to hook?!

Well, it nearly is! Those of you in the UK will know that we're in the middle of a heatwave, the like of which has not been seen on these shores since 2006 (according to BBC weather anyway!).

Well, I am very close to finishing my hexagon blanket - I'm at the stage where all I need to do is sew the last few motifs in place and fasten off the edges. 

As those of you who make blankets will know, this stage basically involves sitting underneath your giant woolly creation for several hours while you work on it. 

Not the most attractive proposition in 32 degree heat! So I have been forced to temporarily abandon the hexagon blanket in favour of smaller projects.

One smaller project I've been working on is a knitted cushion cover. I'm trying to design a cabled cover myself from scratch. I also plan to make some moss stitch covers. Here's the result of the swatching process:

Next time I hope I can tell you about an exciting new project.

In the meantime, stay cool, and happy hooking!

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  1. Hello Jen - everything is beautiful: the hydrangea, the lovely bright hexes, and the knitting samples - what lovely neat cables with the moss stitch background - I like!!!
    I guess you just have to enjoy the heat while you have it - it could change any tick of the clock couldn't it! Although I did hear a rumour that the UK was due to have hot heat for another few weeks yet - is that right?
    Have a happy weekend!
    Joy x

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thank you! I hope the finished cable cushion will be nice too. It may take me a while to finish that one, I am slow at knitting, especially with cables and moss stitch, but I love the finished effect.
      Yes, I agree, we need to make the most of the weather! I think you're right - I heard it will cool down a little over the weekend but then warm up again next week.

      Hope you have a happy weekend too!
      Jen x


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