Tuesday, 23 July 2013

After the storm

My goodness me, what a storm we had here across London and the South East last night! Did you all get woken up too?

I certainly did, at about 4am, by the huge claps of thunder and flashes of lightning. I've really never heard anything like it before! If I hadn't been so sleepy and droopy from the sticky humidity we have here at the moment I might have had the presence of mind to get my camera and try and capture the fork lightning.

Well, I don't know about you, but I didn't manage to get back to sleep after the storm passed over us last night, so was up bright and early for work at 6am.

This was the sky as I headed out this morning - very dark and glowery!

On my usual walk from King's Cross to the office this morning, I cut through one of London's numerous garden squares, and saw these lovely blooms, still with drops of rain from the last shower (which I did also get caught in!).

These are soooo beautiful and I just love the pinks - the paler pink at the edges of the petals in the flowers above, the darker sort of hot pink at the centre of the flower, and the gorgeous hot pink of this rose below:

Another thing I am a bit in love with at the moment is candle light. I go through phases with candles - I do love them, but tend to forget to light them, especially in summer when it's so light in the evening.

However, I had a reason to light candles on Sunday night. Over the weekend, I bought two little yoghurt pots, both packaged in little glass containers, with plasticy lids. I confess, I bought them thinking "hmmmm, I'm sure there is some use for those cute little glass jars..."

So on Sunday night, having eaten both yoghurts, I got out my craft wire, stash of buttons and scissors and made these:

Very simple and quick to make, I just threaded buttons along the wire, quite close together, until I had enough buttons to go around the circumference of the top of each jar. I then wrapped the excess wire around the jar top, winding it up and down around the buttons to hold the whole thing in place. I think I would like to try this again with brightly coloured buttons!

In knitting news: I am sooo close now to finishing off the Kim Hargreaves linen top I have been working on. But somehow, in this sticky heat, I just can't work up the enthusiasm to work the final few inches of the second sleeve! Ugh, well soon I will finish it. At the moment all I seem to want to do is sit and work on my granny stripe blanket - its easy and my heat addled brain does not have to think about it!

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  1. The storm passed over Staffordshire at about 5am - really funny as we all met each other out on the landing! Watched it out of bathroom window - I was amazed there was no damage this morning as it seemed so severe. Sadly it's still sticky and humid up here - I think we need another one to clear the air! Lovely pictures x Jane

    1. Hi Jane,

      All the plants here were flattened by the rain, but apart from that there's been no damage here either. It's still humid here too-though it has cooled down a little. I think there are more storms on the way tomorrow though so maybe they will take away the heat!
      Jen x

  2. We didn't have a storm - yet. It looks like we'll get one tonight here in the Netherlands...
    I really like your linen top! Lovely colour and pattern.
    All best! Haafner

    1. I hope you don't get woken if you do get a storm tonight.

      Thanks- I think the top will be nice when it's finished- whenever I manage that!


  3. We got a storm here in south Yorkshire around 6 this morning.then a couple more throughout the day,nice candle holders, hope you use soy candles not the toxic ones.

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip about soy candles, I'll have to loom out for them. I do always open the windows when I have candles lit though so hopefully that helps!


  4. Sounds like weather patterns are changing everywhere these days, storms - and cold, as well as high winds - seem worse here too!
    Lovely flower pics - such colours - I seem to match nature's colours with thoughts of crochet and stitching these days!
    I am impressed with your lovely jars, you've done a great job! And your linen top will be nice to wear in the sort of weather you've been having over there lately: it won't take you long once you get back into it Jen!
    Joy x


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