Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A big decision...

Well, I have something pretty exciting to share with you! Well, its very exciting to me anyway!

I had a half day off work this afternoon, and spent the afternoon visiting the building society and then the solicitors...

...yes, this may sound familiar to those of you who are home-owners....

....I am buying my very own little flat!

I can tell you it's a scary proposition, but also soooo exciting! I've been busy looking for somewhere since the beginning of May, which has meant I haven't had the time to be here on the blog as much as I would like to - between everything else in life and trying to arrange a mortgage and find a suitable property... well, you will know what I mean!

But, at last I have been able to set the wheels in motion. Things are still at an early stage, and those of you who have done this before will no that there a lot of things that can still go wrong. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that in a few months time I'll be able to share with you the excitement of moving day!

It has been quite a lovely day here - blue skies, sunshine, still very warm but thankfully not as stultifying as it has been!

Once I'd returned from my various flat-buying related errands, I was mercifully able to flop down on the sofa for a while and relax with some crochet.

First I worked on the granny stripe.... stripe, stripe, happy stripe I worked, enjoying the bright colours.

Then, in a sudden burst of energy and project-finishing-inspiration I got out the hexagon throw and have just spent the last few hours stitching motifs in place:

There is still a little work to go on this, and then the ends to fasten in. But I hope to have this project finished well before moving day, so that this blanket can grace my new home!

I think I may have to make something else brightly coloured once I finish granny stripe and hexagon blanket. These little tea light shades which I have in my bedroom have been reminding me of all the colours I love!

Have a happy evening.


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  1. How wonderful that you are looking for your own place Jen - take time and enjoy the process and I wish you all the very best with your final decision when it comes time to make it!
    Your hex blanket is looking so lovely and I also love the colours of your light shades - and the design - quite art nouveau-ish!
    Joy x

  2. Congrats! I hope it all goes well. I can only hope to do the same in a few years :)


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