Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yellow roses

Hello world and fellow bloggers and crafters, I am back. It has been another busy couple of weeks, resulting in my not having the time or energy to post (some evenings, I haven't even had energy to craft).

Well, I'm heading off for a week's holiday next week, so this is a quick catch up post before I go. I don't have a great deal to report on the craft front - just that I have been enjoying making the Rowan T shirt pattern 'Kos' from this month's Simply Crochet.

It's a long time since I have attempted to crochet a garment, but this time I think I have got the hang of it!

xx xxx xx xx xxx

In general in life, I am realising lately that you can not control every situation you are in - sometimes things will happen and you just have to figure out what to do as you go along. You can never plan for every eventuality, and you should never hold back from trying to realise your dreams just because you are afraid that things won't work out.

To anyone reading this, wherever you are, whatever you're doing I hope you have the courage to chase you dreams, and find happiness!

So hears to making dreams come true and going for what you want in life!

xx xxx xx xx xxx xx xxx xx xxx xx

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  1. Lovely post Jen - and very meaningful message, thank you. I do like your yarn colour and pattern, looks quite intricate; well done.Those are beautiful rose pics too. Have a wonderful break!
    Joy x

  2. Hello Jen, Your crochet T-shirt is looking very good and I love the color.. Your roses are truly beautiful. Have a lovely vacation.. Does Instagram a program like Picasa where you can store your photos.. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy

      Thank you! Instagram is an app for your mobile phone. Its a picture sharing site and also allows you to apply some effects to your photos like coloured filters. Google Instagram and you will find out more.


    2. Lovely post Jen!
      But....WHAT???!!! No energy for crafting!!! You need to get some more relaxation for sure :)
      Your stitching is beautiful!
      And I am a firm believer in taking each day as it comes and cherishing each moment. My husband is a very recent pancreatic cancer survivor {at the age of 53}. I have learned a whole lot over the last couple of years about living in the moment and being truly content and thankful.
      Be Blessed,

    3. Hi Danette,

      I know! It was a scary time when I had no energy to craft, but life will do that to you sometimes! Thank you for your very kind comments. I'm so sorry to hear that about your husband, but it's good that it sounds like he is on the mend. I think you are so right about living in the moment - it's so important to try and appreciate what you have in the here and now, and not always be worrying about the future.

      Take care


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