Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lonely tree shawl

Hello everyone! I'm back from a lovely week of holiday with S. We were lucky with the weather and had some lovely days out. What more could you ask for from a holiday in England in the summer!

Well, I'm not going to share my holiday snaps just yet. Instead I wanted to tell you about the fun I have had making the lovely Lonely Tree Shawl, a pattern for a triangular shawl by SoftSweater, aka Silvia Bo Bilvia. The pattern is available from SoftSweater's Ravely store for those of you who are interested.

This was my first triangular shawl, well my first attempt to knit any kind of shawl actually!

I really enjoyed the process of knitting this - in fact I think it has me hooked on shawl knitting! I've discovered that there are many gorgeous knitted shawl patterns available online, so I already have my next pattern lined up - all I need is the yarn (and oh, it's such a hardship for me to go and buy yarn!!).

The shawl came out a little smaller than intended in the pattern I think - the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, and I used a sport weight (Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk). I worked a few extra rows, and I'm pretty happy with the size my shawl finished up at. It's not massive, but it still goes comfortably round my neck and will make a sweet summer accesory to keep the chill off!

If you like the look of this lovely pattern, you might be interested to check out some other shawl patterns - I've been trawling the web all week looking for the prettiest that I can find. I've collected them on Pinterest - stop by and have a look if you have time, there are some lovely patterns out there!

Next time I'll try and post a catch up on my various crochet projects...also maybe a post with some holiday snaps soon!

Take care until then.

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  1. That wool looks so soft. I still haven't attempted a lacy shawl but this one might be worth a go - thanks for the link x Jane

  2. Jen, your shawl is gorgeous! One can never have too many 'wrap-arounds' - always so handy, dressed up or dressed down! I really like the little top you are wearing in that pic too - did you knit that one as well?
    Great job well done!
    Joy x

  3. This is such a lovely shawl!


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