Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Something Pretty - How to make the petals

As I have had a request for help with figuring out the pattern for Something Pretty, and because I haven't been able to find anything like a YouTube clip which describes the kind of stitch required, I thought it would be helpful to put up a few photos of how to do this (or at least, how I did it when making my version) in the hope that it helps anyone getting stuck. I know I was stuck with this for a while there!

Before I go any further however, I need to stress that this is not my pattern. I am simply trying to help people out by explaining how I understood the pattern instructions. If you use this pattern, please credit the designer Millie Makes, and not me.

Here goes...

I am using UK crochet terms below, so if you're in the USA you'll need to translate accordingly.

1. You create your base circle as described in the pattern so that you then have 8 double crochet stitches worked into your ring. You'll be working a petal into each of the 8 double crochet stitches on your first round of petals.

2. For your first petal, chain 3 (counts as your first stitch) then work 4 trebles into the first dc. At the end of your fourth treble, pull the loop up so its nice and big, and remove the hook from the stitch completely.

3. Insert the hook into the top of your 3 chain (or the first of your trebles when you're working the remaining 7 petals in the round).

4. Push your hook through the long loop that you have on your last treble stitch. You now have 2 loops on your hook - the loop where you put the hook back through your first treble (or 3 chain) and the loop where you put the hook back through the loop after the final treble in that petal. Wrap your yarn round the hook like your normally do, and pull through both loops.

That's it! You completed your first petal! Now chain 3 and then repeat the process in the next dc stitch, remembering that now and for all subsequent petals in the round you will work 5 trebles (instead of 3 chain, 4 trebles - you only do that in the first petal of the round).


  1. Thank you Jen so very very much for the lovely tutorial on the Something Pretty Flower Pattern. Greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Judy

  2. Thank you for this - your Something Pretty blanket is gorgeous.

  3. This was very helpful. Thanks so much for posting it!


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