Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cathedral Blanket - finally finished!

I am happy! The sun is shining, its the weekend, it feels like spring is finally on the way, and I have finally finished my Cathedral Blanket!

Now, I'm afraid I am going to waffle on about this blanket for a while... thank you for bearing with me (if you do!).

This blanket has a lot of little squares.....342 squares in fact. 

342 little crochet squares, each one is 3 rounds, make using double knit (or 8 ply) yarn on a 3.5mm hook.

In total I think it contains 29 different colours (not counting the black).

I used 1 ball of most of the colours - that was enough for the colours that have the longest diagonals. 

Some of the colours in the corners I only used scraps of. This worked out well as I managed to arrange the colour sequence so that I used colours I loved but only had scraps of in the top right and bottom left corners.

I used 7 balls of black yarn for the seams and edging. I devised the edging pattern myself, so had a little trouble going around the corners with it (it didn't quite fit perfectly with the number of stitches, but never mind, I don't think you can tell now).

Yarns used were a bewildering array of different makes and fibres. In terms of different brands, the blanket is mainly Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and Rowan Pure Wool DK with a bit of Sublime Extra Fine Merino thrown in, and a few other things that I can't recall - as I said I have used scraps up where I could, and some of those scraps had long since parted company with their labels!

Fibres used included:

Merino wool...
...And probably a few others!

You can probably tell, I am very pleased with this blanket. I just have to look at it and I think "happy, happy, happy!"

Hope you're all having a blissful Sunday too!


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  1. Oh now Jen that has worked out beautifully - and how apt that the sun has been shining so that when you have taken your photos you get the effect of sun shining on stained glass. I bet you are going to be smiling all day x Jane

  2. That is awesome - well done:) x

  3. I have been watching you make progress on this blanket and it is beautiful. Black...not a color I would use but it fits it perfectly....Very very nice!

  4. Hello Jen, Your blanket is absolutely beautiful. ALL the colors are so bright and sunny. I absolutely LOVE the border. Hugs Judy

  5. Your afghan is so lovely, such hard work.

  6. Just beautiful. Please do tell, how did you join the squares? Please reply to as I can't work out to reply through google account or any other method?

    1. Hi there, see my response to the comment below for a link to a tutorial.


  7. your blanket is absolutely beautiful,but i need to also ask you how you have joined it,hope you dont mind thanks karen

    1. Hi Karen

      Thank you! The squares are double crocheted together using the black yarn - that's single crocheted together if you are in the USA! This tutorial should help you:

  8. Oh so lovely but I do not get much work done oh work will wait Thank you for Patterns Sandy


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