Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blossom petal wrap

I spent my evenings over the Easter weekend working on a wrap for myself. It has been such a cold spring and I am so tired of having to wear my winter coat still, I thought I needed a nice pastel-coloured spring like scarf to snuggle in. Something that wouldn't look or feel too wintry, but would still keep me warm.

So, the blossom petal wrap was born, so-called because the colour used reminds me of cherry blossoms whenever I look at it (lovely spring like thought - the idea behind my wrap was working before I had even finished it).

These cherry blossoms were blooming quietly away in Wapping on Sunday. The colour really is very similar - that very delicate sort of pink.

The stitch I used also reminds me of flower petals. Its called Iris Stitch, from The essential handbook of crochet stitches. The yarn I used is a 4 ply pure merino wool, with a 4mm hook so that the stitches were quite open, and like the grey scarf I made last week, the finished wrap is soft and drapey. 

To finish the wrap off, I worked a round of double crochet (that's single crochet if you're in the USA) around the edge, just to give it that finished look. I didn't want a fancy edging, I think the main stitch is pretty enough to speak for itself. 

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  1. I love this colour. Cherry blossom in Wapping! Mine is refusing to pop it's head out up here in Staffordshire x Jane

    1. Yes, I have been seeing blossom around in London since the start of January actually and I keep hoping it means spring is coming, but it hasn't arrived yet! Hope you get some better weather up in Staffs soon too- it sounds like it may be on the way next week!


  2. Hello Jen, A very very lovely cherry blossom color wrap. It was very lovely to see the Cherry Blossom on the trees. Maybe Spring is really arriving. Hugs Judy

  3. Stunning! Gorgeous work, and gorgeous photography, too. :)

  4. That's a beautiful wrap. It looks very soft and cosy and I love the colour.
    I follow Judy's blog and she gave a link to yours so I have joined here as a new follower.


  5. Love your blog! This wrap is gorgeous. So gorgeous that some Rowan 4ply is now on my hook.....Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sue x


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