Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stripy Wave Cushion

I decided this week that I really needed to finish a crochet project. I had reached that point where, once again, I had waaaay too many things on the go, and it was starting to stress me out a little, and make me feel like I just wasn't achieveing anything!

At first I thought it would be the Something Pretty blanket that I would finish. So I spent all of Sunday hooking away on that. By Sunday night my hand was aching so much from crochet overload, that I had to stop and admit to myself that I still wasn't really that near the end of that project.

So, I turned to a little project which I started in January, the Stripy Wave Cushion from Nikki Trench's Cute & Easy crochet. I started this in January and it was almost complete when I put it down to do something else. It's now finished after one everning's gentle work!

Crochet ripple stitch cushion cover

I don't know if you will remember my post about this from last month - I made it using scraps of DK yarn in various pink and purple shades. I started with a slightly longer chain than specified in the pattern - a chain of 83. The cover is a little loose on the pad - I probably could have got away with a 73 chain base, but never mind.

Crochet wave stitch cushion cover

I have to say, I am really pleased with this one, I love the finished result. I attempted this pattern not only to use up my scrap yarn, but also to get some practice in crochet edges, including straightening a ripple edge, which I'd never done before, and crocheting down the side edges of rows of treble stitches, something I have tried but with limited success.

Crochet ripple stitch cushion cover

I'm happy to say I found both tasks much easier than I expected, and now have my lovely snuggly, pretty cushion as a result!

Looking forward to some warmer more spring like weather here in England tomorrow - provided the weather forecast is correct!



  1. Your ripple cushion is very pretty. I really need to get on the ball with mine.


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