Monday, 18 February 2013

Spring flowers

It has felt like spring, really, for the first time this year over the weekend and today. The air is softer, the sun is shining and heavy winter coats have been left (probably temporarily, but never mind) at home.

We saw swans in Hyde Park on Saturday.

Also snowdrops (Tennyson called them the fair maid of February - or was it fair maid of spring?), and cherry blossom.

We also have some lovely flowers in the house at the moment:

And last but not least, I spotted some lovely daffodils in Russell Square on my lunch break today:

The day finished with a glorious pink and red sunset, which I could see from the train home and managed to take a quick snap of once I reached my stop:

I hope those of you in the Northern hemisphere all get the chance to enjoy the lovely spring weather soon too!



  1. Hi Jen...I am one of your newest followers. Your photos are just beautiful....amazing really! I know I am fairly new to your blog, but I did mention yours on my post for the day, so If you have time, pop over and take a look around. Have a lovely week.
    Shari @ Lauren's Closet

  2. Hi Shari,

    Sorry I have been a little slow off the mark where blog-land is concerned the last week or so- I've just been trying to hard to finish one of my crochet projects I have literally spent all my time on that.

    I popped over to your blog and I am now your newest follower! I love the granny squares you are making at the moment!


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