Thursday, 16 October 2014

Moss stitch cowl

Hello everyone. Whoa, this is my second post in just over a week! It's a long time since I've managed two posts in such quick succession - lets hope I don't strain myself (yup, being sarcastic there!).

Seriously though, it's nice to be able to be back here again so quickly - to have thought about it, and actually feel like it. To be honest I haven't done much of either of those two things for a while.

I've just felt tired, tired, tired. Not physically, or even mentally really... maybe more uninspired than tired. It's been a tough few months for various reasons. I think things are settling down for me again now, finally. Hopefully I will start to have more time, and to feel a little more inspired to get creative again.

I have some projects that I started in spring and early summer which have been sitting, waiting for something to happen to them. I'm still not sure what that will be - will they survive to be completed or be unraveled to turn into something else?

At least I have managed to finish the hat I mentioned in my last post, and also a moss stitch cowl. The cowl has another hat to match already actually, but I haven't had time to photograph it yet. Maybe I'll get S to take a snap of me wearing hat and cowl at the weekend!

The cowl was knitted in the round on a circular needles, using double moss stitch. It was very easy, and fantastic sofa-knitting in the evenings after work. Hmmm, maybe that it the secret to finding my crafty inspiration again - it's got to be something easy that won't require too much concentration!


  1. Well I think I could echo those words Jen - sometimes when things are a bit tough we don't have the luxury of thinking about anything creative. Looks like you're back with a bang though! I love moss stitch and am currently trying out something similar in crochet. What made me smile though was your lovely orange cowl - I've been knitting a moss stitch scarf since January in what looks like exactly the same wool, you've inspired me to go and pick it up out of the wip pile and get it finished! Take care x Jane

  2. Loving your orange-red cowl, the stitch looks brilliant! I know how you feel about being un-inspired when life gets in the way sometimes. Glad you're feeling better and more positive. Looking forward to seeing the picture of you in your cowl / hat combo! take care, Sam x


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