Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Getting ready...

Hello everyone! After the weather we have had here in the last week or so, I'm sure you will all agree that Autumn is on the way!

I've been getting ready. I love Autumn. Love it. It's truly my favourite season. I love seeing the leaves decorating the ground, hearing them crunch under foot, seeing the misty sunrises and sunsets, the darkness slowly closing in. I love wrapping up in boots, woolly hats, scarf and gloves and going to rambles in the park or across the fields. Yes, all my likes about Autumn are very cliched, I know, but they're true all the same. I guess there's a reason why these things become cliches!

I always seem to churn out a series of scarves every Autumn/Winter. This year will be no exception! I've already finished one cowl (sadly have not had a chance to photograph and share it with you yet!). However, I thought I would try and mix it up a little this year by knitting some hats too!

I've already completed one in grey - this lovely design is called Pasha, and can be found  here.

The hat is finished, but sadly I only have 'in progress' pictures for you today - another thing I need to photograph in it's complete form!


S and I made our quarterly pilgrimage to Bristol to see his folks last weekend. I've grown to love Bristol over the years, particularly the lovely area known as Clifton. It has an arty, crafty village-y vibe to it. I though I'd share some of the love with you by sharing some snaps. Yup, some of them are a bit random - my journey of learning how to take better photographs always seems to see me veering into still life territory by taking shots of things like vegetable stalls and flower shops! As evidenced by the pictures from Borough Market that I shared last month.

There are so many great independent retailers in Clifton - the one in the shot below is called Sky and sells a mix of gift items, cards and stationary and prints - I love browsing there.

If only I lived near enough I would make sure I was a regular customer for all these little shops to help make sure they survive. I think it's so important to support these smaller stores, and I really hate clone-town high streets that have only the same big name stores on them.

Before I go, I just want to say thanks to all of you who commented on my (nearly) finished throw in my last post - I don't think I've ever had a post receive so many lovely comments so quickly before!

Stay snug everyone!


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