Sunday, 2 March 2014

pretty patterns

Hope you're having a nice easy Sunday.

Normally at this time on a Sunday I would have my nose in my laptop and a pile of research articles,  studying for my PhD.  However,  I had a meeting with my supervisors last week, where the results of a couple of months of hard work were discussed.  They seemed pleased,  and I feel like I have made progress,  so as a reward I'm giving myself the weekend off. I also have a day off work tomorrow,  to sort out new curtains for my flat, so I feel an absolutely luxurious sense of unhurried-ness with hours of free time still stretching ahead of me!

I have been nesting this week, buying and working and thinking on things for the flat. Firstly these lovely bowls, which are so bright and pretty.  I love the pattern. 

A lovely tea cup- the print inside was the detail that really stole my heart.

My lovely new china also inspired me to crochet some more table mats and coasters to complement it.

Have a restful day,  see you again soon.



  1. I love these Jen!!!!! Don't they just make you smile! Enjoy your days off!
    xx Shari

  2. Isn't it grea to be able to do something that you WANT to do rather than something you HAVE to do. Your bowl are really pretty and I do love e crochet mat - well done you.

  3. You have done well to earn yourself a wee bit of time to enjoy the things you love doing Jen, and your new chine is beautiful, sweet, and heart-winning! And your little crochet coaster is gorgeous, love the colours too! Joy x

  4. Love your china! Think I may have just coincidentally bought the same cup and thought as you did, the pattern inside was just too beguiling to pass up! I have too many cups really but somehow can't always resist cup-temptation! Your Sunday sounds perfect! (especially if there was tea in that beautiful cup!) E x

  5. Your china is really pretty - what make is it? The pattern inside the cup is particularly lovely.

    1. Aisha - the china is from Waitrose, though it looks very similar to some that has been on sale in Anthropologie. I can only afford the Waitrose version! ;o)

      Jen x

  6. What a joy your blog is to read! I will pop by again. xx


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