Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Going Loop-y

Hello again all, I'm back after another longer than intended absence. I think I have to accept that at the moment I can only be a semi-regular blogger!

I've just spent the last couple of weeks trying to establish my new routine as a person living alone, and basically starting to enjoy having my own space.

I've baked (cupcakes) and spent a bit of time poring over recipe books in bookshops - no purchases yet, but I've been working out what I want to buy.

I've started a couple of new knitting projects (I just couldn't help myself) including this one, which is a moss stitch scarf. I question the wisdom of my yarn choice for this, but something compelled me to it. It's fingering weight yarn - Madeleine Tosh to be exact in shade Briar. I had two skeins in my stash that were crying out to be used, and somehow I felt it had to be a moss stitch scarf. Knitting this on 2.75 mm needles is going to take me forever, but I think I might manage it. Everytime I think of all the thousands of stitches I still have to work, I look down at the fabric I'm creating and know it will be worth it, no matter how long it takes! What can I say, it's a purple-moss stitch-4 ply love affair!

I've also been poring over my stash and day dreaming of possibilities. Below is the moss stitch scarf I'm already working on with several skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Silk. Do you know the joy-mingled-with-frustration of having such a gorgeous yarn that you are at once desperate to make something with it, but also feel that no possible project will ever do it justice?! There should be a term for this!

More yarn - sigh!

Last time I asked you for suggestions for shawl patterns. Thanks to those of you who made comments and suggestions. Several people suggested Ravelry, and I now have a few patterns lined up. The first project I have, which I've already started, is not a shawl but the Song of the Sea cowl. I just couldn't resist the art-deco waves! More on that next time though.

With all the excitement over the patterns I found on Ravely, I felt I have to buy some new yarn (yes I know, as you can see from the shots above, there is plenty of yarn already in my stash!).

So, on Saturday I made a visit to London's Loop, one of my all time fave independent yarn shops. If you ever get the chance, go! It is utter heaven! I spent a bliss-full 30 minutes caressing various skeins (S and I were heading to the cinema, so I was on a short time frame - probably just as well, or who knows how much yarn I would have ended up buying!). The long suffering S was forced to lurk outside (along side other slightly bored looking males, presumably associated with the other ladies that were also floating around the shop on clouds of yarn induced happiness!) while I indulged my yarn habit, but he's always very patient about these things!

Eventually I choose some skeins of pure superwash wool, Eden Cottage dk, in shades of green and silver-grey. I've already started on my cowl, photos next time!

That's all for now!


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  1. I'd have a love affaire with that wool too!

  2. Great colour choices on that beautiful yarn - I love buying from independant shops rather than the high street chains. Feels more personal somehow. Can't wait to see what you make.

  3. Love your new scarf! It's coming along nicely. I do hope you keep at it so we can see if all finished.
    I too have a love affair with yarn. Matter of fact, I am waiting on a large package to arrive from Knit Pick....I can not wait!!
    I am also sure you will find time to make something with "your" new yarn...it looks so dreamy and soft to just sit in your stash!
    xx Shari

  4. Beautiful yarns and knitting - go Jen - and what a nice man to be so patient at waiting! Look at that sky, those colours are absolutely astounding! I'll be looking forward to seeing these projects come along - such a talented knitter you are Jen! Joy x


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