Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter-time pastels

Now, I know that most of us tend to associate pastels with spring. Well, I have been thinking a lot (as you can imagine) about furnishings for my new home, and I really feel I want to keep it really light and airy and bright, so I am thinking pastels!

S and I went on a lovely Saturday morning walk yesterday, from Clapham Junction to the King's Road in Chelsea. I found some pastel inspiration in these gorgeous terraced houses which can be found down a little side street just before you get to Sloane Square.

The whole street is beautiful! Every single house along both sides of the street is painted in a pastel shade, from lemon yellow and pale blue to pink, lilac and pale green and salmon. I love the fact that everyone on the street has gone along with this! I wonder which house was the first to decide, 
"hey, y'know what?! I'm gonna paint the front of my house pink!

I particularly love the lilac and pale pink houses next to each other in the first picture above. You may not be able to see due to the shadow on the photo, but the lilac house also has a dark purple door!

So, yes, pastels shall be a feature in my new home. It's funny, I love day-dreaming about what furniture I might buy (cheap and cheerful is a must as I have an entire flat to kit out - bed, sofa, shelving and all!), and what colour cushion covers I'm going to have etc. etc., but I am totally procrastinating when it comes to actually packing for this move! Well, maybe it's not so strange to feel that way - after all, who enjoys spending hours wrapping china in newspaper?! (sorry if you do enjoy that!). 
I think I much prefer unpacking to packing!

Between finishing off my red sweater, starting a new sweater and working on cushion covers to adorn my yet to be bought sofa, I haven't had much time for my starburst throw in the last couple of weeks. 

I've started stitching the squares together, but I may not be able to pick this up again until after I've moved now. Still, I am already picturing it spread out on my new bed, cover a crisp white duvet cover (also yet to be bought - ugh, I have so much to do to make sure I don't end up spending my first night in my new flat sleeping on the floor under my coat!)

Have a happy Sunday all!

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  1. Those houses are so pretty! Your crochet throw is looking great too...will be gorgeous on top of a bed.
    Marianne x

    1. Thanks Marianne, I need to try and finish the throw soon!

      Jen x

  2. I love the look of those houses and would really love to know how the decisions about the various colours came about! I agree with you on the notion of pastels in the home - always spring-like and light and airy looking - lifts the spirits! Your blanket is looking gorgeous and I'm really wishing you well with all that packing, un-packing, and settling in, but how exciting to be doing all those wonderful things like planning furniture and its placement and working out colour schemes - happy home-making to you Jen! Hugs, Joy x

    1. Thanks so much! I really can't wait to start settling in and get my new furniture. I'll have to share before and after shots!


  3. I love those old fashioned houses, I think I would have to live in the liac house with the purple door.your crochet does echo these colours and would adorn any bed,I too hate packing, moving is
    stressful x


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