Thursday, 14 November 2013

Another sweater

It's the middle of November, and we are well and truly into sweater (or jumper if you're a UK reader) weather, though oddly it's still not that cold here! We do have some nice sunshine and clear(ish) blue skies though.

I have well and truly been getting my knit on in the last few weeks.

Ages ago in this post I mentioned that I had a red Kim Hargreaves sweater pattern, Briar coming up on my list of Things I Want To Knit Before It Gets Cold. I believe I even mentioned red yarn too!

Well, the yarn was duly purchased (though in a slightly different shade of red to that I originally planned, but hey-ho) and the knitting excitement begun!

The yarn for this pattern is Rowan Lima. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn?! It is squishy and cosy and a dream to knit with. It produces a gorgeous soft fabric, and because it's aran weight it's good instant gratification knitting!

On Monday night I finished my sweater and boy, am I pleased with the result. It is a delightfully cosy and snuggly garment, but being a Kim Hargreaves, knit the pattern has lovely clean and flattering lines - just what you want when the weather is starting to draw in but you're not quite ready to feel like a michelin man smothered in yarn (though it is nice to feel like that in January I find!)

How do you like it? Are any of you getting your knit on for some snuggly autumn and winter garments? Perhaps those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are whipping up spring and summer garments?

I already have the next project flying off my needles - here's a sneaky peek.

This is also a Kim Hargreaves pattern - one that I made last year, but somehow managed to end up with something that would have better fitted and Oran Utan because it had ridiculously long sleeves!

I really should be getting on with making homewares that I really need though. My house move is finally in sight, after months of waiting! I'm hoping to move at the end of November/beginning of December, so it will be frantic packing over the next few weeks. Then, once I have moved there's the business of trying to get a new internet connection set up - sigh. I may be out of action on the blog front until 2014! Hopefully I will pop back in here before moving day arrives though!

More next time, plus a crochet update!

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  1. Perfect! The colour is lovely too - I would call it a raspberry red. I do so admire anyone who can finish a whole thing so well done you x Jane

  2. Beautiful colour and nicely done, really suits you x

  3. That is a lovely cosy jumper Jen and the colour is scrumptious. It certainly is a very flattering shape too - you look lovely in it!
    Wishing you the very best with your move - such a busy time and I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you!
    Hugs, Joy x

  4. Looks great. I've got a few Kim Hargreave sweaters too. Love her patterns. Have a good weekend.x


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