Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Patchwork throw, by Erika Knight

So, last week, or maybe the week before (time flies, even when you're not having fun apparently!) I gave you a sneek peek of my latest colour crochet project, and promised more details!

I've made quite a lot more progress since the last time I mentioned this project.

The pattern is the Patchwork Throw, from Erika Knight's book Essential Crochet.

I love this book, its almost the first book I bought when I was learning to crochet a few years ago. I've tried to make this throw before but things got in the way.

Firstly my lack of skill - my motifs all kept coming out slightly different sizes! Looking back I don't think I had understood the pattern instructions properly!

The pattern also recommends a mercerised cotton yarn - Rowan Cotton Glace. When I tried to make this before, I went with that recommendation. However, much as I love mercerised yarn for small crochet projects such as bags, doilies etc, I just didn't feel the love when it came to trying to make a throw. I don't know why but I just prefer 'wooliness' in my throws!

Well, this time I am determined not to be defeated. I have bought a big stash of colourful yarn (probably a little heavy on the purple as usual) and have been hooking away my woolly hexagons and loving it!

So far I have about 80 motifs I think, but still a long way to go - the pattern calls for nearly 300! Hmm, not sure I will make it that far before my attention span (and my purse) give out! 

I am determined to complete a proper size blanket though - watch this space!

Actually I have a back-log of posts related to various craft projects at the moment, so maybe another post tomorrow if I get time!

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  1. Looking good - you've certainly got a lot more patience than me - I'd have stopped at sixteen and made a cushion cover! Jane x

  2. How pretty! Your hexagons are gorgeous and I love your photographs too.
    Do you weave your ends in after you've done a few?


  3. Gorgeous summery colours. I'm planning to give you and your blog a shout out on my blog, Saturday, if that's ok. Deb x

    1. Hi Deb,

      Of course, happy for you to mention me! I just saw on IG you have bought some lovely yarn and thanks for mentioning me there too! If you don't mind I'd like to return the favour and mention your blog and ig feed here- I really love the gorgeous pictutes you post!


    2. Thank you, and I don't mind at all, either. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  4. You have the most beautiful blog I have seen. Just love it!

    1. Amigurumiwoman thank you, what a lovely comment!



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