Monday, 6 May 2013

May flowers

Hello there, it's nice to be back after more than a week away from blogging. I was away last weekend, and then ill when I got back, and then of course back at work.

But, this weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK, which means a lovely extra day off today! S and I made the most of the long weekend - we went for a stroll around Hampton Court Palace gardens yesterday, and saw some lovely flowers.

Tupips, blossoms and some daffodils still in evidence, though the bluebells are now finally starting to take over from Daffodils, after having an extra long wait to flower because of the cold.

We're hoping to go back to Hampton Court in June - there is a lovely rose garden there - nothing in bloom just yet, but I think it will be glorious in a couple more months, so we're going to try and go back to see the roses.

Of course I have still squeezed in some crochet: some more of the blanket I showed you last time:

It's coming a long nicely and should soon be finished. I'm hoping to post a pattern for the complete blanket including yarn requirements, size, number of motifs made and or course a tutorial for the motif itself.

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  1. Beautiful pictures - spring at last:) x

  2. Hello Jen, Happy Monday, Thanks so much for sharing such glorious exquisite and uplifting photo of all the flowers and trees blooming at Hampton Court Place. This place sounds wonderful. Your blanket is looking fantastic... I was sorry to hear you were ill but happy to know you are now better.. Have a lovely week.. Oh, BTW I am very proud to say I have 35 Something Pretty blocks completed. I am so happy with them.. Hugs Judy

  3. The blossom photos are so pretty and I love your crochet blanket - looking forward to the pattern. ♥

  4. Is so beautiful... I like it very much.


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