Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fionn finished

Phew that was a quick knit! I've finished Fionn, and I'm quite pleased with it.

Kim Hargreagves Fionn from Enchanted

The trickiest part was stitching the collar onto the body, but I managed as well as I could. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad.

It was interesting knitting this - its the first time I have ever knitted a garment which uses Kidsilk Haze and another yarn. Initially I couldn't see the point of the Kidsilk Haze - its so fine I didn't think it would add much to weight of the yarn, but I was mistaken. That single strand of Kidsilk Haze does bulk out the Kid Classic in this design by a surprising amount.
Kim Hargreagves Fionn from Enchanted

This is a very snuggly cosy knit - I do feel very "fluffy" wearing it! It's the sort of thing that I would reserve for when it gets really cold though. It feels a little bulky and warm for every day wear at the moment - it still hasn't got that cold here yet.

Kim Hargreagves Fionn from Enchanted

I'm already working on my next knitted garment from 'Enchanted' - more soon!

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