Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumn thoughts and fallen leaves

Autumn is probably my favourite time of the year. I feel a little sad this year, as I've had to let the season pass me by a little - things have just been so busy I feel like I haven't really been able to get outside and enjoy the fallen leaves, bright colours and crispness in the air.

To try and make myself feel a little better, and make sure I didn't miss out completely, I've been taking a few snaps here and there of some of the best bits of Autumn that I've seen around me. I've been saving them up to share with you here. Along with my little list of things I love about this time of year!

Things I love about Autumn:

  1. The colours (of course!) - red, ochre, orange, brown and golden green - I love them all!
  2. New conkers - with that lovely chesnut brown gloss
  3. Bonfire night - fireworks, fire and childhood memories
  4. Hot water bottles - when you're watching a film on the sofa, they're the best
  5. The excuse to make another 5 new scarves - as if I need another 1, let alone 5!
  6. Crunching through the lovely fallen leaves - that noise is so satisfying
  7. The light in the early morning and evening - the picture below is actually dawn breaking, although it looks like a sunset
  8. Having it get dark early enough to see the moon and stars before sleeping. I've been lucky with planets this year - I've managed to see Jupiter and Venus a couple of times.

 With December fast approaching Autumn is almost over, and winter is really about to begin. Still, there is plenty to look forward to - Christmas and all the fun that brings, and then the fresh start of a new year.

Stay happy wherever you are.

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