Sunday, 22 April 2012

Granny square love affair

I decided that I will be making a throw, but as it would take me until kingdom come to make an entire throw from the small granny squares that I had started off with, I decided that the main central panel of the throw will be made of strips of larger granny squares, with the smaller squares forming a border to the throw. Needless to say, this is still going to take some time (and a lot of yarn), and will be a labour of love, but I'm determined to finish it!

I'm in the mood for bright colours at the moment, so I'm using clashing shades - I have a turqoise, burgundy, violet, bright pink and a pinky red, with pale cream to form the border for all the squares.

Here are some of the first larger size squares:

A large size square

Larger squares with small border squares

This is my first time making granny squares, and its so much fun and so easy I can't believe I have never tried it before! I can now see a large proportion of my more than ample stash being disposed of in the form of granny squares for various purposes. I have already (somewhat rashly) promised my mother a throw using green and cream yarn which I have stashed - and I haven't even got half way through this project yet!

I'll keep posting my progress with stitching and crocheting here. I expect this will keep me busy for several months, in between other projects!

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