Thursday, 24 April 2014


Phew, hello everyone, I really had good intentions not to leave it so long before posting again, but there you go. If there was a school report for blogging, mine would definitely read "must try harder". And really I must, because when I do get around to posting, I always remember how much I like blogging!

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning and crafting to turn my little flat into a home. Originally when I moved in, I thought I wanted to have a pastel colour scheme throughout. Then reality hit, and I realised I would have to accept the limitations of my purse and do the best I could with what I could afford. So, a more colourful scheme was embraced. As my living room suite is teal, I though I could go for a teal, turquoise and bright pink colour scheme. However, it seems somehow to work out being more expensive if you set your heart on having everything just so. The things that will fit in with your ideal colour scheme never seem to be the things that you can afford!

Then, whilst wandering around some shops in Islington, I spotted some small coloured glass posey vases and fell in love! The colours didn't fit with the 'colour scheme' I had in mind, but suddenly I didn't care! Those little vases called out to me from the shelf and I just had to bring them home with me. I bought one in green and one in orange.

That was about a month ago now, and since then I have decided, what the heck, I love colour, I might as well embrace a bit of a haphazard colour scheme in my living room and enjoy it! So now, I have a colourful chevron cushion in progress, hopefully to be joined by a second cushion soon after. I also have a turquoise ceramic vase which has joined my little glass vases. It was a charity shop find, and I loved the colour.

Ok, I'm off now for some more dedicated hooky time on my bright chevron cushion cover! Have a fab weekend all!

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  1. Loving the vases and the striped zigzag....I've recently started blogging at Coffee, Cakes and Crochet if you fancy popping by some time xx

  2. Those little vases are so lovely Jen and the colours in your blanket and gerberas are so uplifting too; I would say go with the colours that make you happy and you can always do swaps now and then and give everything a fresh look as the mood moves you! Joy x

  3. Your stripey cushion cover looks really lovely, I like your colour choices. I love mix and match stuff rather than all the same.

  4. i have yet to have a go at chevron crochet but it does look good! I have a general colour scheme but I do allow myself lee-way to change a few things now & then. If it doesn't work where I put it first it is bound to fit somewhere else! :-D


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