Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas decorations

This weekend I have been getting ready for decorations, spending hours yesterday making the house look warm and festive

We have a sort of rustic theme with gold colours this year for most of the decorations. I've given the tinsel a miss and opted for a more pared down look, which I really like.

Of course it would not be a proper Christmas at my house if there weren't some homemade decorations! The felt hearts shown above were made by me. They are very simple to make. Just cut two heart shapes from felt using a paper template. Sew red or white buttons to the front of one the heart shapes. Place quilting wadding or other stuffing (make sure it's non-flammable) between the two heart shapes and then sew a simple running stitch around the edge of each heart in contrasting embroidery thread, to form a simple stuffed heart decoration. The hearts can be hung using contrasting ribbon.

I also made these tree decorations - they are cinnamon sticks (not for eating!) tied around with some garden string to form a bundle. You can then thread the garden string through the centre of a couple of dried orange slices and tie a loop at the top to make something which can be hung on the tree.

Merry Christmas everyone, stay warm!

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