Saturday, 20 October 2012

October in England

Hi everyone, I'm back after a week or so break, where I have been studying hard and enjoying some uninterrupted time (for a change) with S.

The two of use headed off to Thetford for a week away to enjoy the country side in autumn. For any one reading this who may not be so familiar with English geography, Thetford is a little market town near the Norfolk/Suffolk border in a region of England called East Anglia. I believe the region name of East Anglia is derived from the settlement in that area of a people who called themselves the 'Angles'. The Angles were a Germanic tribe that settled in what's now England after the Roman period. More info on Wikipedia in case anyone is interested (personally I love history almost as much as I do crafts!).

We spent a day tramping around Thetford forest, which despite being relatively new is quite lovely.

We also visited the nearby City of Ely for two days - a lovely place, with a wonderful Cathederal. The City is really something special - nestled near the Catherdral there is one of the largest surviving collections of medieval buildings in Europe. It is such an atmospheric place.

Whenever I visit somewhere where there is a cathederal or castle this impressive it always makes me feel so lucky to live in a country where these sorts of buildings are so numerous and open to visitors all year round.

Well, I think that's enough of the history and geography lesson for today! I'm hoping to find time for another post tomorrow - this time more craft related!

Take care! xx

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